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Featured Trips – Summer 2019

    The Zanskar River Rafting Expedition

    Kayaking, River Rafting

    Our "special" feature drives through most of western Ladakh, monasteries, palaces, villages, hikes and travel to one of the most surreal places on the planet.Undoubtedly a classic, this journey to the last truly lost horizon of our shrinking planet -…

    from 84,000.00

      The Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek


      The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek is set in an almost heavenly arena of high mountain vistas, endless pasturelands, and of course, the great lakes. Arguably the best way to witness the beauty of the Kashmir Himalayan region, you will…

      from 86,500.00

        Stok Kangri Trek


        The ascent of this 6000m plus mountain in 10 days is probably the quickest one can climb it, keeping in mind that one needs some time to acclimatize to the altitudes as well. After spending the first couple of days…

        from 116,500.00

          Parang La Trek


          Aquaterra lead one of the first commercial crossings when this amazing region opened in 1994. This remote trail follows the traditional trade route between the people of Spiti, Changthang and Tibet. The Parang La Trek begins in the high altitude…

          from 110,000.00

            Kang Yatse II Climb in Ladakh


            The Western Summit of the Kang Yatse Peak, or Kang Yatse II, offers the perfect challenge for folks looking to move a step up from trekking peaks. A semi-technical peak (Rated Alpine PD), just above the magical 20,000 feet barrier,…

            from 98,000.00
            Camp Bagi on the Tons River

              Camp Bagi

              Camps, Kayaking, River Rafting, Treks

              You can be assured for a real camping experience living in tents on a lovely beach front amidst lush green Himalayan forests. Our summer camp on the Tons river runs from mid April till late June each year in the…

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