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We at Aquaterra Adventures strive to provide our clients with the best gear and a high level of expertise. On all our high altitude trips we carry not only oxygen tanks and oximeters but also Gamow bags as an added safety net. Our trip leaders are equipped with an exhaustive medical kit backed by wilderness medicine certification and years of experience in the outdoors. We are also perhaps one of the few outfitters that carry GPS-enabled sat phones on our big expeditions.

We conduct our mountaineering expeditions keeping high standards of safety in mind and ensure that the client is provided with the most up to date climbing gear such as Climbing Boots, Gaiters, Crampons, Ice Axe, Ascender-Jumar, Descender-Fig of 8, Harness, Helmet & Carabiners.

Does hydration prevent altitude illness? By itself, probably not, but increasing your intake is a vital factor in promoting well-being. The altitude environment is usually a dry one. Living and exercising there promotes increased water loss. If you take a diuretic such as acetazolamide to prevent altitude illness, you will urinate more and water loss will be increased. Therefore drinking more fluids is necessary.

Drinking enough is easier if your water bottle is accessible and insulated if in extreme cold. A popular option today is bladder system / Camelbak that fits into your pack and have a sipping tube. It would be useful on the approach trek to the mountain. On the high mountain these bladder systems stop functioning as water in the tubes tend to freeze. The tubes need to be highly insulated if you plan to carry them up on the mountain.

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